Alexa is an advanced device with a wide variety of versions to choose from. Because it has many features like smart home and digital assistant. So, this is the first wireless speaker that has a lot of features. You can listen to music, make shopping lists, create weather reports, and also get many types of facilities by voice command. So, in all cases we require Wi-Fi, or else it remains like a normal Bluetooth device. There are many other types of facilities that depend on Internet networks. Well now if you want to use fancy features then you need to connect Alexa to WiFi. This device comes in many generations. Amazon Alexa comes in generation 1, 2, and 3. To enjoy the better experience always opt for the latest generation of Alexa.

Solution for connecting Alexa to WI-FI.

Now you have a question in your mind that How to connect Alexa to WiFi? If you are unable to connect to WIFI or you are facing any error related to connecting WIFI to Alexa. Then you don’t need to worry. This is the common problem that many people are facing. We are providing a solution here on how you can connect Alexa to your WiFi. You have to follow some steps then you will be out of the problem of connecting the Alexa to WiFi. All these steps will help you connect all your Alexa generation types to WiFi. and To solve this problem, first, you need to find Alexa troubleshooting steps. Which you need to follow to reset Alexa. and now follow the steps to connect Alexa to WiFi. hence Open the Alexa app to connect to the Echo:

  1. Open the menu and click on the setting.
  2. Select the device setting.
  3. Choose the device which you want to connect with the WIFI.
  4. Click on change, next to a WIFI network.
  5. Connect the WIFI to which you want to use.
  6. Write the current password.

If you are not able to connect Alexa to WiFi even by following these steps. Then you can solve the problem by following some more tips:

  1. Try to restart your router.
  2. Check your internet connection.
  3. Now restart your Alexa-enable device.
  4. Make sure that the WiFi password is correct.
  5. Click on the setting of the Alexa-enable device.
  6. You can confirm that by trying to connect with the other device.
  7. Connect your Alexa device with your wireless router.
  8. Remove your device from all the wireless devices.

Common Point Which help you to understand this blog or help to solve your problems?

  • Get your Alexa device Ready: To prepare your Alexa device, first take it out of the packet and then locate its power switch. There are a lot of Alexa devices that open in different ways. But after opening them all, they are not charged. therefore, you guys need to put your Alexa device on the charge first. Then you have to turn on the power button. When you have done all this, then you will be able to hear a voice that will say Searching for WiFi. In case this means that your Alexa device turned on. Now you need to Connect Alexa from WiFi. After all, check that you have installed Alexa app on your iOS or Android devices. it will help in setting up your Alexa device.
  • Connect Alexa to WiFi: For this, we will use an Alexa app so that we can connect our Alexa device to WiFi. once after unpacking and plugin Alexa, He must be using orange light or say now we need to set up the Alexa device. whereas, we will use the Alexa app for this.

Well for that, you have to follow this instruction:

  • Open the Alexa app on your device.
  • Sign in to the Alexa app using your Amazon credentials if you have not already.
  • Select the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen.
  •  Click on the + button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose Add Device.
  • Choose Amazon Echo from the list.
  • Next, select the Echo device you are setting up.
  • Confirm that your Echo device is orange and click Yes.
  • Look for the available device from the given list.
  • After it has done, choose the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect.
  • You may be prompt for a password at this step, otherwise, the Alexa app will begin its connection setup — this process may take a minute.

If you are unable to connect Alexa to WiFi after completing all the above instructions and steps. because you can then get in touch with customer service for Alexa. We provide you with the best solution to the problem of connecting Alexa to WiFi.

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Common problems you are getting when you try to Connect Alexa to wifi?

We have already told you about connecting Alexa to WiFi. Now we will tell you that when you connect Alexa to WiFi, you face many problems, we will tell you about the problem and how to fix them as well.
1) Wifi name does not show: When you are connecting Alexa to WiFi, then you do not see the name of your WiFi. This problem you present due to your router. So to solve this problem you have to restart your router. When you restart your router, then you will see that your wifi name is showing.