The Echo Show 8 connects to Alexa and gives you a visual screen on HD. It also gives you the best and superb quality sound. It is designed to fit every room and anywhere. In Echo Show, you can watch the film with your family in the house. Just ask Alexa to show your favorite TV show, watch movies, play music. Show weather reports and live weather updates every day or control your smart home. The Echo features 8 designs with the help of front and back cameras. So that you can talk to people through video camera and voice call. So just ask Alexa to call friends, family or you can monitor your child’s room and echo show 8 will help you with all this.    

Is the Echo Device worth it?

The Echo Show 8 is cheaper than the largest Echo Show. Show 8 features the most. The show is also set significantly from 5. It is similar to the Echo Show 5. The most important thing about Echo Show is that they work in any language you want to speak. You tell Alexa to wake up Alexa and then tell her the name of the movie or news channel of your choice that you want to watch. It also controls the temperature of your home.

How do I get my Amazon echo to show 8?

On September 25, Amazon launched the highly talked about Echo Show 8. It is designed with high-quality sound with a large screen and full HD. In that product, you can watch movies, listen to songs, and make video calls with friends and family. You can enjoy it with your family. This can give you a live update of the temperature and control your smart home.

What is better than the Echo show 5?

At the time it was a very difficult choice to select the best show for the house as Amazon launched two of its products Show 5 and Show 8. Show 8 is the updated version of Show 5. It has every feature which you want with the latest version. You can control your home with the help of Show 8. Show 8 helps you to make full use of itself.

Note: If you are facing any problem in your Echo show 8 then you can contact the customer service for Alexa. We are providing you support with the help of Chat or Phone.

Echo Show 8
Why is the Echo show 8 not responding to voice commands?

The common reason is that people want to buy the Echo show 8. So, this is the most common thing that is a part of all the other features. The voice assistant is the most common reason behind this. But how would you feel when your Echo shows 8 voice commands working. A large number of users are in trouble because Alexa is stopping them from listening to them. This is the most common issue which is facing most of the users. To solve this error, you can follow all the steps.

Oh! So, you are looking for some faster method then you can contact Customer service for Alexa.

1. Check on the microphone button: Before going into detail first you need to check the microphone button that it is on or off. You will find the button on top of that with the microphone icon. Say that wake-up Alexa word and see that it is responding back. If it is not responding then you go to the next step of the troubleshoot Echo show 8 not responding to voice commands. But if Echo shows that “I am troubled not to understand you” then it would be better if you call Customer support for Alexa.

2. Restart Echo show 8 Device: You are using the volume button to solve this problem. But even then you are facing this problem after using these steps. If you give some orders to Alexa then you will see a blue ring. If yes, then it means that Alexa is listening to you but is not responding to it. In that case, you have to unplug the device from time to time. After some time you need to plug it on again. After starting the Echo Show 8 then you say wake up Alexa. If your echo show 8 still does not respond, then you have to follow the third step.