You can reset the echo dot by the help of following ways:

First: You will need a pin; from that pin, you have to press the power button for some time and hold it there until your device turns off once and turns on again (you will find the power button on the bottom of the device). After all this, your device will start showing an orange color signal and it will go to reset mode. After all this, you will be able to reset the echo dot.

Second: If you are unable to reset the echo dot with the above instruction, then you can reset your device using this method. You need to press the Microphone off button and volume reduction button of your device at the same time. You have to do this for at least 20 or 25 seconds. Then you will see that your device has gone to reset mode.

I think you might have been able to reset your device with ant of these 2 methods. If you are still unable to reset echo dot then you can reach Customer Service for Alexa. They will help you with the help of a phone or chat.

How do I factory reset echo dot?

You have to de-register your echo device to factory reset, for that we will tell you two ways by which you can de-register your device or a factory reset.

To de-register your Echo Dot device, you must first go to the Alexa app which is on your iOS or Android device. After going to the Alexa app, you have to click on Settings. After that you have to click on Device Settings, then you have to choose your device which device you want to de-register. Then you have to click on the de-register.

Another way to de-register:

If you do not want to de-register with the help of the Alexa app, then you can de-register with any of your internet browsers. You have to go to your browser and open If you have not logged into Amazon’s website, then you must first log in with the email ID from which your echo dot login. After logging in, you have to click on the account and link. After that you will have to click on the digital content and devices below by clicking on it, then you will be clicking on I Jack Content and Devices. Then the gallery of Amazon device will open in front of you and then you will have to choose your device from which you are using. After that, you will have to go down and click on the de-register. Then you will be able to get rid of reset echo dot.

echo dot

How to Reset echo dot first generation?

In Echo Dot First Generation you will see two buttons on the top of the bar. In which the first will be the button of the mic and the second will be the single dot button. This dot button helps to reset the echo dot first generation.

  • With the help of the paper clip, press and hold that button for a while.
  • Keep pressing it until the light turns from orange to blue.
  • Orange color means that your device is now in setup mode.
  • Now open the Alexa app on your smartphone or computer.
  • Then connect your device to WiFi and register it with an Amazon account.

How to Reset echo dot Second generation?

To reset the echo dot second generation, first, you need to find the volume down button and the power button. You will find both these buttons on the top of the echo dot.

  • First, you have to press both of those buttons simultaneously for 25 seconds.
  • Then the light will turn blue after being orange.
  • Wait until the light turns off and turns on.
  • Then you will see an orange color ring which shows that your Alexa device is now in setup mode.
  • Then connect your Alexa device to WiFi with the help of the Alexa app.

How to reset Alexa echo dot third generation?

It is easiest to reset Alexa echo dot third generation from the other two-generation. To reset Alexa echo dot third Generation first you need to find the action button. You will see a black dot in the Alexa echo dot, which we call an action button. After getting the action, you have to follow these steps:

  • You have to press the action button for 25 seconds until it becomes blue rain.
  • After some time, the color of the orange ring will be formed in the blue ring.
  • Then you have to wait for some time until the light turns off and turns on again.
  • After this starts, your echo dot will go into setup mode.
  • Then you have to open the Alexa app.
  • So that you can connect your device to Wi-Fi and also log in to your Amazon account.

I think that after completing all these steps you would have been able to reset your Alexa Eco third generation.

Problems you are facing to reset your Alexa Echo dot and How to solve that problem?

When you reset your Alexa echo dot device, you face several problems. We will tell you about solving those problems in this paragraph. We have already told you above about the three generations of reset the Alexa Echo dot. You face different problems in resetting different echo dots.

  1. Not able to find the black bot: This is the first problem that the user faces in the first generation. You will find this black dot behind the Alexa echo dot first generation.
  2. The orange ring is not coming: It can also come because you have not used the given method well. Like if you are using the Alexa echo dot second generation, then you did not press the mute button and the volume negative button properly or simultaneously. That is why you do not get an orange ring.
  3. After resetting Wi-fi is not connect: In this problem, you must first check your Wi-Fi router to see if it is running correctly. After doing that check you will need to open the Alexa app on your smartphone or Window 10 PC. And you have to re-select your Wi-Fi to which you want to connect Alexa.


How to fix reset echo dot problems with the help of Customer service for Alexa?

Before starting this paragraph, let us tell you that Echo Dot is a device of Alexa. Then it means that if you are facing any problem related to the echo dot, no matter what the problem is, you can contact Customer Service for Alexa. If you reset the echo dot and you are experiencing many problems that we have told you above or are experiencing some other problem then you can contact the Alexa team. You can contact them with the help of a phone or chat. They will help you in both ways. So, therefore, you do not need to worry about how you can connect with them. 

How to reset Echo dot with the help of the Alexa app?

This is the easiest way to reset Echo dot.  We will tell you from the beginning about how you can reset your Echo Dot from the Alexa app. If you know that step then you can skip it, or else you can read it. If you are going to use the Alexa app for the first time. Then keep in mind that you do not miss a single step. If you miss any step then you will not be able to reset Echo Dot with the Alexa app. So let’s start!

Download Alexa app

First of all, if you have not downloaded the Alexa App. Then you have to download it on your smartphone or your PC. You can install it in smartphones with the help of the Play Store or App Store. But if you want to install it on your PC, then you must be a windows 10 user because this supports only Windows 10 devices. If you have a Windows 10 user then you can download it from Microsoft Store. It is also the main step to reset Echo Dot.

Login into the Alexa app

Once the Alexa app installs, you have to open it. Then you will see the login page? You will need to log in with your Amazon account’s login ID and password. If you do not have the login ID and password of the Amazon account. then you have to create an account on it first. Then you have to log in on that.

Choose your device and deregister

When you have opened the Alexa app. then you will have to go to Settings and click on Device Settings. You will see many device options, from which you have to click on your device. When you click on your device, you will see the option below, you need to click on deregister. After deregister, you will have to register your device again. You have to register your device only after 2 minutes. Then you will be able to reset echo dot with the help of your Alexa App.