Hello, everyone today in this article we will learn how to set up echo dot 3rd generation. Nowadays you want to connect with technologies. For that, you use new technology which is also the latest in the market. Such as Alexa Echo Dot Smart Home Speaker. The Alexa echo dot comes in the 3 generations, with the third generation being its latest feature. When you use these latest features, then you face some problems. Today we will talk about one of those problems, which relates to 3rd generation echo dot.

What is 3rd generation echo dot?

This is an Amazon product. It develops in 2019. It comes with LED light features. This is the latest Echo dot feature. According to Amazon, this is the best-selling smart home speaker so far, Google mini is also available in it. Besides the old two generations, it has also got a lot of new features. You can use it to maintain your smart home.

How to set up echo dot 3rd Generation?

You have to follow some of our steps which will help you to set up echo dot 3rd generation. Do not miss a single step or else you will not be able to set up echo dot 3rd generation. You can also dial the customer service for Alexa to set up your echo dot.

Bring all the things you need to set up echo dot 3rd Generation.

To start, you will first need your echo dot and the adapter you have got with it. This Echo Dot does not run on the battery, so keep in mind that you have only taken the right power and put it on the charge. And wait for it to charge.

For the software part, you have to bring your phone, tablet, or PC so that you can install the Alexa App in it. This is an Amazon product; you can also use Amazon Fire Tablet to set up Echo Dot 3rd generation if you want to use it by keeping it in one place.

Alexa app for set up echo dot 3rd Generation.

The Alexa app does the most important job of configuring Echo Dot. You have to install the Alexa App on the phone, tablet, and PC. On the phone and tablet, you can install it from the Play Store, or if you are an iOS user then you can install it from the App Store. But to install it on your PC, you have to take care of a few things. The first and main thing is that Windows 10 should install on your PC. Because the Alexa app supports Windows 10 only. So, if you are a windows 10 user then you can download it with the help of Microsoft Store.

You are installing it with the help of anyone, whether it is Play Store, Apps Store, or Microsoft store. All you have to do is write the Alexa App on their search box. Then you will see the icon of the Alexa app, you have to download it.

Connect echo dot

We have now installed all the software. Now, you have to set up Echo Dot 3rd Generation hardware. You have to take the speaker and turn it on with its power button. If it does not start, then you do not need to worry, it may also mean that your Eco Dot is not charged, then you have to put it on a charge.

To charge it you would have got a USB cable and adapter with your Eco Dot. You would have to connect the USB cable with the Echo Dot and connect its other end to the adapter then put the adapter on the wall so that it would charge. Then you have to wait for it to charge.

Wait for its initialize

Now you are close to set up Echo Dot 3rd generation. According to its earlier step, you must have put your Echo Dot on the charge. Then you have to wait for some time. When your Echo dot starts, Then a blue light will come on for some time, After it will shift to an orange ring and some audio will also come. Then after this, you will come to the last step. 

Open the Alexa App for set up echo dot 3rd Generation.

Now you have to open the Alexa app that you downloaded. You have to log in to the Alexa app with your login email ID and password. You can use your Amazon account to login to it. If you have not maintained the login ID or password on the Amazon account. Then you must first create your login ID so that you can log in on the Alexa app as well.

Once the Alexa app is open, you will need to click on Settings. After that, you have to click on Set up new devices. Now you have to tell your echo how to connect to your home wifi. So, in the future, it will connect automatically to your wifi to come online.