Your new Echo Dot Smart Home Speaker enters your automation world. It also gives you a virtual assistant so that you stay connected with the world of automation. Alexa provides you with many smart home speakers, the dot is one of which counted among the cheapest and best smart home speaker. We will tell you about how-to setup echo 2nd generation.

If you are presenting some problem in setup echo 2nd generation and you have to know basic to setup your echo dot then you are at the right place. You will find everything in this article that you need to start your Echo Dot and use its power. We will also discuss some common problems that you guys face while setup echo dot. So, let’s start.

Unboxing your echo dot and setup echo 2nd generation.


So, start from the beginning, you have to open the box of your echo dot which you have brought. You will find some items inside it.


  • The Echo dot Unit
  • A power USB power cable
  • Adapter that you plug into the wall
  • A guide book related to your Echo Dot.
  • There will be some cards on which the Alexa command writes.


First of all, you have to connect the USB behind the Echo Dot, then connect the USB to the adapter and plug the adapter into the wall so that it can charge and keep it to charge. You have to put your dog in the middle of your room so that your echo dot can hear your voice from anywhere. Its microphones are quite solid, so you will not have to play much with its microphone.

When your Echo dot charge, you have to click its power button so that it starts. After Echo Dot starts, the blue light will glow on it, then you have to keep it for a while so that its initialization process is over. When you see the orange light then you have to connect Alexa online and complete the setup echo 2nd generation.

Install the Alexa App to setup echo 2nd generation.

Echo Dot does not have a screen, so you have to use your smartphone or PC to continue the setup echo 2nd generation. You will need to install the Alexa app with this app store.



Once installed, open the Alexa app and sign in into your Amazon account. (If you do not have an Amazon account, first create it). If you already use the amazon app on your phone, then it may log in.

When you log in to the amazon app and accept the terms to use, then you will see a list of Echo devices. Then you have to click on the Echo device that you want to use. You will also have to select your language, the language you want to use in your Echo device. Now going further for setup echo 2nd generation.