Super Alexa mode is a hidden cheat code which puts the Alexa in secret mode. The mode that appears on your screen and tells you to activate your Super Election Turn. But in reality, it does nothing. It pays homage to the old cheat codes that we found on Nintendo Games. If you use it in the poles, you will get a superpower, which means that extra lifeline and deals more damage.

Cheat codes will help you win the game and let you go to the next level in the game. The super mode will not help you in the game, rather it will do some more noise. It is a cool feature that helps us interact with Alexa. This brings the old Nintendo game to Alexa.

What is Super Alexa Mode for?

We use it for fun. The rest does not have any functional features that we can use. We only use it to play Old Nintendo games.

Is Super Mode Danger?

No mode is a feature that will not harm anyone. It will only play your favorite video games and nothing more. If you do not use this for a long time, it shuts down, you do not even need to close it. Super Alexa mode is an automatic function.

How do I get a super mode?

For super mode, you will first need an Alexa echo device. For this, you can use both Echo Show or the Echo dot. Your Alexa echo microphone must be on. Then you have to give the following super Alexa command to your device so that it enters super Alexa mode.
“Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left,  right, B, A, start.’’
How to turn off super Alexa mode?
In this paragraph, we will tell you how to turn off the super mode of Alexa before it is too late. We are saying that if you ever quit Super mode on and your child plays video games and continues to play, you will not know when that changed. You do not need to worry  Super Mode will not harm you nor your smart home. To turn off the live show super mode, you have to turn it off for 10 seconds when you stop using it and then turn it on after that. Then you will see that he has withdrawn from your Amazon Echo. 
History of the super mode of  Alexa?
Super mode provides cheat codes which were already in the Nintendo game, it makes it easier to play games for gamers. This code creates by Kazuhisa Hashimoto so it names the Konami Code. Konami code adds too many Nintendo games, but quite similar cheat codes were also added to the Nintendo game. The best of them was Konami who adds to that game.